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The natural evolution and biological richness of our planet give life to an infinite range of raw materials and active ingredients particularly useful in the field of health, well-being and beauty

Our mission is to ensure that these extraordinary natural resources reach the world of industrial pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal production intact and purest. We do it with passion to ensure your products are always of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Our story

Natural vocation

G. Balestrini was established in 1990, following a long family tradition in the field of raw materials of natural origin. Their objective is to continue and extend the activities of production and research already started by Giulio Balestrini, one of the most important World experts in the field of oils and fats.

Today G. Balestrini operates with success in the field of production and supply of raw materials of natural origin for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and herborist sectors. Besides performing it’s activity in the Italian market, the company has operated in many other European Countries for several years, amongst which Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Russia and Bulgaria.

G. Balestrini can count a number of important Italian and international companies amongst it’s customers which require production activities of the highest quality standard.


The best guarantes for you

All raw materials respect the highest market standards and are supplied together with analysis certificates and safety documents.

All raw materials destined for the pharmaceutical industry are subject to controls performed by the laboratory of the “Stazione Sperimentale Oli e Grassi di Milano”, in order to certify the full compliance with the parameters required by the main international pharmacopeias.

Our products

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